We thank all the homeowners who remain in compliance with Sheffield Park Covenants!

You can download a copy of the covenants below. (This is a 1.9MB PDF file)

Covenant Highlights

  • Overnight parking on the street.  Per Article X, Section 27, parking on the street overnight is not allowed.
  • Parking of boats and recreational vehicles.  Per Article X, Section 27(b), boats, RV's and vehicles with capacity of over 3/4 ton are prohibited unless in an enclosed garage.
  • Mailboxes.  Mailboxes are the responsibility of the homeowner and must meet the standard mailbox design, type, and color specified.  Those with missing doors and rusty patches need to be replaced.   Per Article II, Section 11 of the Architectural Guidelines.
  • Signs in the common area (including taping to the stop signs) are strictly prohibited.  Per Article X, Section 37.
  • Architectural Approval.  Per Article II of the Architectural Guidelines, any new building, improvement or addition to an existing building must have the prior written approval of the Committee before any work is undertaken.  This includes fences, patios, decks, and walls.
  • Barking Dogs.  Pets that make objectionable noise or constitute a nuisance or inconvenience to the owners of other Lots are not permitted.  Article X, Section 2.
  • Use of Lakes.  The lakes are the private property of lots abutting the lake.  Owners whose houses are located on the lake have the exclusive rights to access along with their family and invited guests in their presence.  Per Article VIII, Section 2.